Who are Mansfield Land Capability
& Soil Assessments?

Mansfield Land Capability and Soil Assessments are proudly an expert local Victorian business. We specialise in Land Capability Assessments (LCA) and Soil Assessments. Through current best practice and equipment, we provide you with comprehensive and accurate land and soil assessments.
Adam resigned from the shire and started consulting in the wastewater industry in 2008 under the business name of APL Plumbing. The consulting work included LCA & soil testing, septic designs, problem solving with failing septic systems due to poor design/installation, reducing waste water loads, and finally installing new septic systems. In 2012 Adam started consulting under the business name of Mansfield Land Capability & Soil Assessments and continues to operate under that name to today.

Our Qualified Consultants

Adam Layfield

Adam Layfield is an expert Land Capability and Soil Assessment Specialist. Being a local to the Mansfield Shire, Adam has in-depth understanding of the Mansfield shire and surrounding areas. He has been a specialist in the field for the past ten years and a licensed plumber for over 30 years. With extensive knowledge and experience, Adam exceeds client’s expectations to deliver trusted expertise.
When planning designs, Adam draws on his four years of experience working in Silviculture. During this time, he worked at Vic. Plantations Corporation and practice of managing Victorian pine plantations and woodlands. Adam’s six years Managing the Planning and Environmental Enforcement Unit at the Mansfield Shire Council provided clear knowledge of local council’s policies, regulations and procedures.
Adam has the local knowledge, experience and expertise in land and soil assessments and provides accurate, trusted land and soil assessments that reflect his proficiency and passion.